3 Best Electric Mopeds in the United States

Electric mopeds are the ideal vehicles to get around in a city or town. Many cars won’t give you the same kind of excitement that these mopeds offer. Although electric mopeds or scooters don’t look that glamorous, they’re extremely useful while riding in towns and suburbs. If there are just two people traveling with a handful of stuff, they must choose an electric moped.

There are places where such vehicles aren’t allowed. However, where they are allowed, they can give you a fantastic ride. Zipping past the traffic will be easier and finding a parking space won’t be a problem. Many of the cities provide free parking for such vehicles. Electric mopeds with a speed of 30 mph don’t usually require a motorcycle license in the United States.

They just need a driver’s license and registration. Another benefit of these mopeds is that insurance comes cheaper. The speed limit would prevent you from taking a highway. Nevertheless, it’s a lot better than being in the middle of a slow moving traffic. Here we present the three best electric mopeds you can buy in the United States:

1. GenZe 2.0

The design of this electric moped comes from Mahindra, one of the largest automotive companies in India. It is manufactured for the United States in Detroit, Michigan. It has a maximum range of 30 miles and its maximum rated speed is 30 mph. This moped is often mentioned as ‘pickup truck of electric scooters’.

The reason for this description is the moped’s rear cargo bed. It allows you to carry larger items that normally won’t fit in the under-seat storage of scooters or mopeds. You can also buy a variety of accessories for GenZe’s cargo bed. This electric moped also has a list of other valuable features. They include smartphone connectivity, a large touch screen, and a removable battery.

This is useful when you don’t have your own place for charging. Another excellent feature of this moped is its anti-theft mechanism. It alerts you when someone moves your moped. It also has built-in GPS for tracking its location.

2. The Benjamin

This electric moped has been named after Benjamin Franklin. It has a fabulous retro European styling and a maximum speed of 30 mph. The maximum range of this moped is 30 miles. The only downside to it is that it has lead acid batteries. They’ll surely help you get around the town, but would lose their capacity rather quickly.

This is especially true when they’re over-discharged. If you’re looking for an affordable option in electric mopeds, this is definitely the one.

3. The Volta and Volta FRE

Offered by WeRide, which is based in Baltimore, these models are Asian imports. Their design has been inspired from Vespa, which was a popular brand in the 1960s. Both of them are absolutely charming in terms of looks, but lack speed. The Volta is rated for 25 mph and has a 2,000 watt motor.

It has a range of 40 miles, but uses a lead acid battery. So, you must make sure not to discharge it beyond 50% if you want a good battery life. The Volta FRE has an even slower speed of 20 mph and a limited range of 25 miles. Fortunately, it has an upgraded lithium-ion battery pack that lasts much longer.