5 Options for Getting Around in Key West

After you’ve checked into your hotel in Key West, the next thing you wonder is how to get around. Well, you don’t need to worry at all if your hotel has all the arrangements for you. Even if you don’t have such arrangements, there’s no need to be upset about it. This island city is quite small and there are many ways to get around here. Now, let’s talk about some of the options of getting around in Key West:

1. Walking

Old Town is a relatively smaller area, but its neighborhoods are among the most beautiful and charming. This part of Key West is mostly flat. The highest point of Old Town is just 18 feet above the sea level. Walking is highly recommended for exploring the Old Town. This will give you the opportunity to see more of its historic homes and lush greenery.

2. Cycling

Another best option for exploring Key West is to go cycling. This is especially the best option if you’re visiting the Old Town. Locals prefer the beach-style bicycles, also called Conch Cruisers. If you wish to rent a bicycle, there are plenty of places in Key West that offer bicycle rentals. One of the best ones is located at 929 Truman Avenue. They provide an excellent selection of bicycles for rentals.

While riding a bicycle in Key West, there are certain things you must keep in mind. One is to obey all the traffic laws. Second is to make sure that you have the bicycle lights on if you’re riding at night. You can ride on all the sidewalks if you need to. The only exception is the Duval Street sidewalk. Don’t forget to lock your bicycle to the right bike racks, or else it might go missing easily.

3. Mopeds

They’re not generally recommended for tourists, although many of the locals prefer mopeds. If you’re inexperienced in riding a scooter or a moped, don’t take the risk. Don’t let someone force you to get a scooter or a moped if you aren’t comfortable with it.

You can easily walk or rent a bicycle to explore Key West. Besides, the city is quite small. However, if you’re experienced in riding a moped or a scooter, you can rent one. Just make sure you follow all the rules while on the road.

4. Taxis

If you wish to get to your hotel from the airport, you’ll find many cabs awaiting the passengers. Key West has several taxi cab companies servicing the entire island. You can also hire air-conditioned cars or vans. If you want to transport your bicycle, you can request a cab that has a bike rack.

5. Electric cars

The small electric car you come across in Key West is sometimes referred to as an ‘egg’. This is owing to their shape. These cars were once a novelty, but now they’re a common sight here. It is an extremely popular way of getting around in Key West for families.

You must keep in mind that they’re subject to all the rules of the road. It is also difficult to get a parking space for it. Electric cars are available in a range of shapes and sizes and some can carry six passengers.